Tale Of Wuxia

Tale Of Wuxia : The Pre-Sequel Save File Editing / Cheat

Tale Of Wuxia : The Pre-Sequel Save File Editing / Cheat ini saya tulis dalam bahasa inggris karena kemungkinan pemain game ini lebih banyak yang berbahasa inggris.

Tale Of Wuxia : The Pre-Sequel uses the same save file structure and method as the first game (Tale Of Wuxia) this guide is for the steam version of this game.

Screenshot before – Qian
Screenshot before – Perspective

1. First step is quite easy, go to steam installation folder (default : C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\), navigate to userdata folder, then <your-steam-id-number> folder, find folder 650760 and then remote.

2. Scroll down and you will find Save<number>.Save, the save number correspondent to your save slot, with 0 is slot 1 and 1 is save slot 2 and so on, please backup the file before edit.

3. Open the save you want to edit with notepad, initially the content will be very annoying to read, copy everything by doing select all (ctrl+a) and ctrl+c, open your browser and google for json formatter (https://jsonformatter.org), paste everything and the tidied up save will appear on the right textarea.

4. To edit qian, edit the m_iMoney value, to edit Perpective points, edit m_iAttributePoints value. copy all and paste to the .Save File, save and load the game.

Result – Qian
Result Perspective

By experimenting with the save file, we can edit virtually anything in this game like the stats, item in bag, etc.

Important item id :

  • 130051 = rare ore
  • 130003 = rainbow carp
  • 130015 = wisdom fruit
  • 110050 = salted fish
  • 130001 = blue crystal

Equipments id:

  • 100802 = rattan armor
  • 100925 = orchid
  • 100939 = statue of dharma
  • 100104 = golden string of soul isolation
  • 100101 = coarse knuckle
  • 100105 = viole golden twin blade

Skill Book id :

  • 120075 = hmong swormanship summary
  • 120098 = good at opera in two hours
  • 120018 = great vajra fist summary
  • 121037 = sutra of goddess
  • 121018 = virgin heart sutera
  • 120067 = swordmanship of lady summary
  • 121034 = rightness code

Misc items :

  • 130089 = dukang spirit
Example Fully Edited

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