blackberry Q10

Replacing My Blackberry Q10

It have been years that I always have 3 different phone for different usage, my Main Phone is always a Blackberry, from the legacy blackberry until latest Blackberry Q10. The leisure phone will always be a phone with lots of features like my old Xperia X1 to latest Galaxy Note 3. And one cheap phone for misc calls and other usage ( Credit card company, etc etc ), the latest being Asus Zenfone 4.

Today, I am thinking to replace / rotate my phone. The misc calls and other usage should be Blackberry Q10 and Asus Zenfone 4 will be given to a friend. I am not going to switch Galaxy Note 3 though, since it could still fulfill all my entertainment needs like watching videos, gaming etc. It have a good USB 3.0 Connection and come with removeable battery. See the post Beberapa Alasan Pengguna Samsung Galaxy Note 3 tidak perlu melakukan upgrade ke Note 4 / 5 in Indonesian.  Zenfone 4 is a good phone on the paper, but the connection of BBM could drop daily and needs restarting every day ( hell crazy every day ), the battery sucks, heats up very fast, etc etc etc ( long list of bad experience ).

Problem arise, I can’t find any better phone to replace my Blackberry Q10 other than another Blackberry. Q10 actually have all the feature and everything I need from working phone. The OS are super very stable that I rarely need to restart the phone, it have a physical QWERTY Keyboard so that I could type very fast and that means so much if I need to reply corporate emails with long sentences and arguments, or sometime when I need to argue with Girl Friend over BBM / Whatsapp. This crazy phone could stand heavy use of bbm chats, whatsapp, email, calls and sms for whole full day and still have around 30% left in the end of the day.

blackberry Q10
Blackberry Q10

And I don’t know why, but navigating around, making phone calls and doing anything feels so very easy and fast using blackberry compared to other. The best of all, my Q10 is SQN-3 Version with 4G LTE. That’s my only phone with blazing fast 4G Connection. As a working phone I don’t need any maps app or any android app ( I have another phone with all of them inside ), so I don’t really bothered with the lack of app in blackberry world ( But I will be very happy if Blackberry have all the app people use in android .. even though we could run android app in blackberry, a lot of errors and bad performance exist ).

After some browsing and googling, I realize that the only phone worth upgrading from Q10 is either blackberry classic or passport. The main dilemma for me is the price and the worry of blackberry will stop developing and supporting BB10 OS all at once. I’m not going to pay IDR 7 mil+ to buy a discontinued product.

This post’s draft was created in November 23rd 2015 and up until now I haven’t made a decision on which phone I should buy. The best candidate to date is Iphone 5S, judging from the price, small size, 4G connectivity.. But again, I still think that IDR 7 mil+ for outdated phone is not a very good decision.

In the date of this post being published, I decided to try a chinese based brand Xiaomi Mi4i to act as a replacement for my Blackberry Q10. Mainly because of the cheap price and good hardware on the paper, it was small enough for daily use, battery large enough to stand whole day of usage, besides, the screen size and touchscreen keyboard integrate very well that i could type with a very minimum mistakes compared to my larger or smaller screen phone.

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