Minecraft Induced Motion Sickness / Nausea

Minecraft, a first person survival game that I never imagine I would enjoy playing. I have known the game for quite some time, when it first released, the graphics are very awful that I can’t stand playing it for even 10 minutes.

After many years, I decided to get back to minecraft once more. Graphics are still box / pixelated model. But it looks much better now, and for the first time I actually spend good 10 hours playing and exploring. ( the nauseous feeling haven’t kicked in the first gameplay because I am using my private PC with decent spec to play it ).

In the second gameplay, I was actually trying to kill some boring time in the office. Problem arises, work PC don’t come with decent hardware. stuttering fps combined with fast mouse movement, 23″ low refresh rate lcd screen, standard fov and I sit very close to the monitor.. in 2 hours gameplay I messed up my whole day. I was suddenly sweating, my head suddenly felt heavy, and a very disturbing nauseous feeling kicked in.. I puked few times, can’t stand and can’t sit for whole day.

After the incident, I searched the internet for the answer to what happened. I know that FPS games could mess up our head and I have had the problem while playing counterstrike and other fps game in the past, but none as catasthropic as minecraft being played in the office’s PC. ( Before I search the internet, I still wonder why i could play for many hours without problem in my PC ).

I actually violated many solutions to the minecraft induced nausea as follows :

1. Use a good hardware, minimum 60 constant fps is required for us to be able to play the game without the nausea feeling kicked in quickly

2. Set the FOV higher and sit further away from monitor

3. Set the wobble effect from moving to OFF

4. Take some time to focus our eye away from monitor for a while.

5. Some post suggest ginger to ease the nausea.

That’s it. I vowed to not play minecraft in work anymore.

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