Random Rants About Writing

Lately I have been writing all the entries of this blog in Indonesian, my main language. While in the last blog, I write most of the entries using English.

Writing in Indonesian is actually very counter-productive for me. I am living in Indonesia, that’s why I listen to Indonesian words everyday, read in Indonesian, speak in Indonesian and do anything in Indonesian. The English I learned had somehow degraded to the point that i can’t really write anything without doing any silly stupid grammatical errors everywhere, I could still read and listen to English without any difficulty, but the writing skills degrade day by day if i stop using and training it.

But, for any tutorials and thoughts to be shared, I thought that it would be much better if I specifically target Indonesian people who can’t really read English fluently and still questioning how to do this and how to do that ( Not very much tutorials and thoughts shared lately anyway, since I have stopped working in IT field for some time ). Now that I think about it, why would I did such things, none of the writings are actually being read by anyone anyway. Why shouldn’t I do something that could benefit me in some way. That’s why I decided to write in English once again, at least by writing in English, the skills in writing will be thoroughly trained.

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