Gundam Reconguista in G : Personal Review

This is my personal review of GUNDAM RECONGUISTA IN G, the gundam series that aired in 2014. I finished watching the series few days ago and realize that this might be one of the worst Gundam series i’ve ever watched. This article might contain spoilers, please don’t resume reading if you don’t want spoiler.

Honestly, I don’t really know how to express my disappointment after watching the series. One good that is worth mentioning is the art might be exceptionally good.┬áThe colors are lively and good for the eyes.

DVD Cover
DVD Cover

First, the story-line are very sketchy. We don’t really know what is actually going on from the first episode until the last. Some factions in this series are : Space Pirates, Capital Guard, Capital Army, Towasanga, Venus Globe, G-IT. After watching all 26 episodes, i can’t really get what is actually going on. The prisoners could run anywhere inside the enemy’s base, everybody seems friendly to each other, all the factions are not actually very bad, i can’t see who are the actual villains because every factions have their own thoughts and their aim are not actually very bad or destructive to earth or even peace, why the hell did they need to fight. They end the movie with a peace restored with very minimal casualities and Bellri Zenam jumping.

Second, no excitement at all. Other Gundam series could give us a “wow” moment when the super machine appear and stand on top of others. That didn’t happen in G. The battle feels slow and mundane, you can’t feel the danger or the excitement when they battle. The machine’s movement seems slow and sluggish. In some place the protagonist’s machine seems very bad ass and invincible, but in some scene G-Gundam feels like a real plastic machinery that could be easily destroyed by the enemy. It feels like watching some soap opera drama.

Third, besides the GUNDAM, all the other mech are plainly ugly and looks like insects or cockroaches, especially the mac and elf series that could convert by spreading their arm and leg and not surprisingly made them look very ugly and i don’t really know how actually spreading arms and legs could be an advantage ( the converted shapes like a boomerang flying with bulky V shape ). There are other mechs like a snake shaped one-legged mech ( which imho ugly ), a round and bulky mech equipped with some curtain that looked like what a bride wear in the wedding. I had hoped that I could see the antagonist ace pilot piloting some cool machine that could rival G-Gundam, but the antagonist ace pilot a very similar to mass produced elf convertible series with other name and very ugly face ( looked like a small children ) and very weird weapon ( small thin beam from the fingers that didn’t look dangerous at all ). The other weird tech worth mentioning is that in every collision, all the mech cockpit were equipped with something looked like a thin plastic bag that work like an SRS Airbag to protect the pilot. And they use the SRS Airbag activated scene a lot, I wonder where they keep all those plastic bags away.

Fourth, the expressions of the characters and dialogue especially bellri zenam, are very boring and mundane. Chanting over and over “this is a perfect G-backpack, it is invincible” “Universal standard”. And the characters, they smirk and smile most of the time. While killing, while battling, while doing anything. Bellri Zenam looked like a soulless doll without emotion. From start until end, the series’ characters made us feels like watching a budget movie with low paying amateur actor.

While I don’t like this series very much. I recommend everybody to at least watch the series without reading or listening to my negative ramblings of the movie, so that they could either correct me if i am wrong, or they feel the same as I did.

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