Thoughts about NEW Freenas

I used to be a fans of freenas ( former freenas, now nas4free ). But after the acquisition by whichever company that bought freenas and “further develop” freenas into something that feels so alien and very not freenas anymore..

At first I am actually happy that they seem to modernize anything, new codes, new kernel, new interface of course, and new anything. Few clicks and trial later and I realized that the new interface are very cluttered and messy. Buttons here buttons there, click on the button in the bottom to do this and click on the button in the corner to do that. The left tree navigation with lots of buttons and “seemingly hidden” functions feels very much like managing a windows server which IMHO a very bad practice. Additionally the detailed reporting of the old freenas were gone ( logs viewer, smart status, etc ), replaced with some fancy graphical but not very informative report.

The problem arises when it can’t detect and import the old volume and somehow i click on something i shouldn’t click, Freenas automatically delete every files I had in the hard disk without confirmation, replacing the partition with what they call their own configuration. Lucky for me I made a backup to my files before trying this “new” freenas ( Always backup before doing anything ). I suddenly stop being interested in new freenas and decided to go for NAS4FREE which still uses the old interface.


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